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The NJAA fosters, promotes and advances the amusement industry in the State of New Jersey.

The New Jersey Amusement Association offers this response to the recent online article about the safety record of certain New Jersey amusement parks.

We believe that the recent online article included a catchy headline but missed the real story of Amusement Ride safety in New Jersey! In fact, amusement parks in New Jersey offer a high degree of safety and family fun thanks to stringent ride safety rules enforced by the State of New Jersey in partnership with amusement and water park members of the New Jersey Amusement Association. Indeed,  we believe that the headline should read that statistics prove that safety is a high priority of every amusement park operator in the state!
 Before any amusement ride is allowed to open to the public, New Jersey requires the ride to be designed and built to the highest industry standards and approved by state ride engineers. Once the ride design is approved and the ride installed, the ride is inspected and tested annually by state ride inspectors. That’s not all; on a daily basis, every ride in every park is tested, inspected and maintained by Certified Maintenance Technicians employed by the park and every ride is operated by trained ride operators.
 Unfortunately, ride injury statistics were misinterpreted by the author of the recent online article and do not accurately reflect ride safety in any park. In fact, the  number of minor incidents has gone down every year since 2001 when the new safety rules went into effect and serious incidents  in New Jersey are rare.
New Jersey amusement parks have always been enjoyed by millions of patrons every year and operators of New Jersey amusement parks, both  large and small, will continue to offer safe, fun and innovative rides and attractions to increasing numbers visitors.

Lary I. Zucker, Esq. - Attorney at Law


The NJAA is a pro-active organization, identifying concerns, while working for the safety, health and overall economic betterment of the amusement industry. The NJAA promotes the serious business of having fun in a safe manner, as a vital element of the State's economy. The NJAA maintains successful working relationships with othe associations as well as supporting legislation that benefits our industry. The NJAA is a socially active association. We publish a quarterly newsletter as well as well as an annual membership directory that is on-line, and an ongoing scholarship fund that was formed in 1990.


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